Be Proactive and Tailor Your Deicing Tool Belt

Stephen Leeds


Posted by Stephen Leeds

Winter precipitation is starting to become a more frequent color on local radar across snow impacted regions. Many municipalities and state transportation departments are starting to decide what will be there “go to” product or products this year to help maintain safe roadways.  In my years of being a part of the deicing sales world I have come to realize that when talking with current customers and potential customers the biggest issue isn’t how to provide a product that works to -40°F and have low corrosion, it’s how do you provide or buy a single product that can do both of the previous things mentioned while also providing an economical but efficient solution to help solve as many deicing problems as possible.  Truth be told, there is no one product that can solve every single winter precipitation problem but, there is one product that gives you the capabilities to be blended with other inexpensive, commonly purchased deicing products, Husker Plus™.

Now don’t just turn away from this and think, here we go again, another post about trying to sell another product.  Even though this is a product created by us, here at SFG, this is a product that should get anyone excited who is interested in organic deicing. Along with being the only stand-alone organic deicer on the market today that is PNS approved, Husker Plus™ gives you the flexibility to have that product that reaches -40 and is ninety percent corrosion free. Although doing so comes with somewhat of a higher price tag (not nearly as high as potassium acetate), you can also blend Husker Plus™ with salt brine to become that economical but efficient deicer that can be used at freezing or well below.  Along with the capabilities as being applied as a liquid, you can also pre-wet your salt at the spinner to provide a slurry effect which seems to be the new method of using treated salt.

By having one product that can be mixed with any existing  common deicing material, you are able to have a “tool” that allows you to stay economical no matter what the situation while having the freedom to never use a product that doesn’t need to be used in certain situations. Leaving you with more money because of less wasteful spending by using extreme cold temperature products at warmer temperatures.  Don’t just sit back and think that salt, sand, brine, calcium, or any of those other old technique deicers are the best way to maintain your streets. Be proactive and see how you can tailor your deicing tool belt to save money and be more effective.