Product Comparison

Below you will find a chart that shows the effectiveness of Husker Plus™ against salt brine as well as our own BEET 55™ liquid organic deicer additive. Referencing the chart below, Husker Plus™ achieves colder working temperatures, which makes it versatile at being applied at different temperatures. Along with a colder freeze point, Husker Plus™ is 90 percent corrosion free. Husker Plus™ contains the highest concentration of solids as a stand-alone organic deicer, according the PNS report.

BEET 55™ when added to salt brine, as you can see below, turns an economical product into an efficient one. BEET 55™ allows salt brine to work at colder temperatures and increases the effectiveness, decreases the amount of corrosion applied to machines and infrastructure and lessens the amount of chloride load introduced into the environment.

  Salt Brine BEET 55™ Husker Plus™
Freeze Point -6°F Minimum -10°F Minimum -21°F
Corrosion Rate 100% 23% 10%
Concentration 23% 55% 54%