End of the Year Cleanup

Stephen Leeds

March 3, 2021

Posted by Stephen Leeds

The past weekend, we here in Iowa were spoiled with above normal temperatures with highs reaching the low 60’s. With the winter season winding down in some areas, it’s extremely important to remember a few things when preparing your winter equipment for spring/summer, especially storage tanks. Usually, it is everyone’s goal to be completely empty at the end of the year but in most cases that does not happen. If you do end up with products left over, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that come next winter season when it is time to get moving, your equipment will work as expected.

First thing to remember is to agitate leftover product. Like our organic products, certain chemicals will eventually settle out of solution and can cause the product to be out of spec. We recommend agitating your tanks at least every 30 days if the product is not being used. This will help keep the solids in suspension and will help keep the bottom of your tanks from becoming sludge. Not agitating can cause major issues including clogged pumps, clogged plumbing inside and out of the tank, and can cause a loss of product (product out of suspension not meeting spec). When agitating make sure that the leftover product in the tank makes a least one full rotation in order to know the product has been completely stirred, both top and bottom.

If your tank is not set up for agitation, there are other alternatives you can do in order to get your tanks empty. With the products we offer (Beet 55, Husker Plus, Beet 55+, etc.) we recommend dumping what’s ever leftover on to your salt pile. This is a great way to not waste any product, allow you to still reap the benefits of these organic additives, and be able to clean your tanks. All of our products are non-staining and can be cleaned off by simply using hot water and bleach.

If you have any questions about adding leftover product to your stockpile or have questions about agitation, please feel free to give us a call.