Winter Ending Soon?

Chad Lynch

February 19, 2021

Posted by Chad Lynch

Winter season is coming to an end and we can see the spring sun at the end of the tunnel. If you are like me, you are tired of the cold wind, snow, and ice that just sticks around here in Iowa. We all know Iowa weather can always throw one last storm at us, and we know when that happens: Girls State Basketball. That time seems to be a crazy week when mother nature throws her twist in there. Will this year be the same? Will Iowa see the traditional snow weather event?  No one really knows, but most of the time it is about as accurate as the Almanac.  Looks like the first week of March could be interesting, either from the weather or intense basketball games that go down to the wire.

So that being, said it looks like 3 more weeks of some possible ice events in this area. With the warming temps and cooling at night, you will also see some refreezing on sidewalks and driveways. This is a good chance to use some of SFG’s ProSlicer ice melt. It is eco-friendly and works down to -20F. Our Beet Salt is great for large parking lots and roadways, and it works to a lower temp than the average rock salt.  With all these snow piles around we are going to be seeing a lot of melting runoff and refreezing at night. That black ice can be very slick and cause some injuries or vehicle damage, so be careful and take your time driving and walking.

If you are needing some salt to finish out the rest of the winter season give us a call for Beet Salt or stop by any of our SFG locations for ProSlicer ice melt.