Snow On the Way?!

Chad Lynch

December 12-28-21

Posted by Chad Lynch

It’s the end of December and here in Iowa, and we’re seeing our first real shot of winter weather. This event has ranged from freezing rain and rain in Southern Iowa with Northern Iowa seeing sleet and snow. The start of this winter season has been kind of lack-luster so far, so this storm has had some people scrambling to get salt. Many have been caught off guard for snow and ice control. Even more bad news – after this system goes through, there’s another following behind it tomorrow and possibly a third one coming through on Saturday.

 I spoke with some folks at Iowa DOT road maintenance last week. They said to be ready for January -  get what you need for your ice and snow control now and be ready. Well, I would take that advice to the bank coming from those guys. If you’re a city or county municipality that would like a side-by-side demonstration, give us a call. We have a demonstration truck we use to apply deicing liquids to your roads. You can see firsthand how our superior products work in comparison to your current lineup.

Here at Smith Fertilizer and Grain and SFG Road Maintenance we can cater to all your deicing needs. If you are looking for salt, we have it. It’s available in bulk and super sacks. Don’t forget ProSlicer in 50lb bags. If you need deicing liquids, we have those too. Do not delay! If you need any of SFG’s deicing products, give us a call. We can take care of any and all deicing needs.