Beet 55™

BEET 55™ Liquid Organic Accelerator is derived from sugar beet molasses, providing a sustainable, renewable and environmentally safe alternative. BEET 55™ is blended with salt brine to give you a natural agricultural product that features snow and ice control performance superior to traditional brines. When blended to the correct salt brine to BEET 55™ ratio, you have a product that is 75 percent less corrosive than salt brine itself. BEET 55™ is proven to reduce salt application rates by 50 percent and substantially reduce operating and material costs. BEET 55™ is primarily used as a performance enhancer to salt brine but can also be blended with calcium and magnesium chlorides.

  • BEET 55™ is recommended to be blended from 10
    percent to 35 percent with salt brine and other chlorides
  • Apply 20 to 80 gallons per lane mile
  • Rates vary depending on environmental conditions
  • Pleasantville, Iowa
  • LeMars, Iowa
  • Mounds, Illinois
  • Renville, Minnesota
  • Hillsboro, North Dakota
  • Scotts Bluff, Nebraska
  • Nampa, Idaho

Alberta / Saskatchewan:

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British Columbia / Northwest Territories / Yukon / Untited States: Washington State / Alaska

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