Dust Control

As part of SFG Road Maintenance, we provide custom application for dust control to surrounding counties close to our Knoxville, Iowa location. Along with our custom applications, we sell our calcium chloride to state transportation departments, municipalities, and private dust control applicators throughout the Midwest in order to help control the overwhelming gravel road dust that can affect peoples’ daily lives. Calcium chloride is able to pull moisture from the air in order to help keep gravel roads from becoming dusty. There is also no need to panic with light rain in the forecast. Calcium Chloride reactivates when light moisture comes in contact with the treated area.

Customers who fall within the counties that SFG Road Maintenance services may sign up for single or double applications per summer season. Deadlines for application sign-up depend upon what county you live in. The first round of application usually occurs in May. The second application will depend on when your county has finished preparing their roads for the next round of treatment. This usually starts in July.

SFG does NOT guarantee complete suppression of dust, because weather, traffic and road conditions may affect the treated area. Two applications are highly recommended. It is dust control, not complete dust elimination. 

Please feel free to give Stephen Leeds or Chad Lynch a call at 641-828-8508 with any dust control questions you may have

Read the Information Carefully !!!

**Download the application to your computer desktop. Then fill out the application using your computer. When completed click the subimt button to email back to Stephen Leeds and Chad Lynch. We will confirm we have received your application with an email response.**

(stevel@sfgiowa.com   or   chadl@sfgiowa.com)

Appanoose County Dust Control Application

Jasper County Dust Control Application

Marion County Dust Control Application

Monroe County Dust Control Application(Signed application needs to be mailed or returned to a SFG location.)

Warren County Dust Control Application