Other Products

SFG also provides Cal Plus, salt brine and  bulk deicing salts to municipalities and private commercial businesses all over the mid-west to help them fight the snow and ice. With SFG's large storage capabilities we are able to keep large amounts of  liquid deicers and highway salt on hand for your convenience all winter season. Below is a list of other deicing liquids and deicing salt products that we offer for your anti-icing/deicing needs.

Available Bulk Deicing Salts

BEET 55™ Salt

BEET 55™ Salt is a granular de-icing product that features ice control performance superior to traditional highway salt, but is less corrosive and can reduce overall environmental damage from winter maintenance operations.  A proven technology, BEET 55™ Salt can be used to pre-treat a surface or de-ice accumulation.  BEET 55™ Salt is effective at temperatures well below that of regular salt. BEET 55™ Salt can be made on demand and is stored only at the Pleasantville, Iowa, location and is available in bulk loads and One ton tote bags for easier handling and storage.

Beet 55 Salt PDS Sheet

Rock Salt

Bulk Rock Salt is very coarse and broken into large granules for easy spreading on roads and other surfaces. It’s the most traditional form of snow and ice melting. Rock Salt is the principal de-icier because it’s the most readily available and cost-effective choice. SFG rock salt is stored only at the Pleasantville, Iowa, location and is available in bulk loads and One ton tote bags for easier handling and storage.

Lightning Premium Ice Melter®

Once spread, the first step for ice melt to work is allowing the salt to create a salt brine. The liquid blend attached to Lightning Melt’s salt crystal allows for immediate melting power when the salt crystals hit the ground. This difference in melting time is extremely critical in helping create a clean and clear black top, instead of quickly becoming a sheet of ice. With Lightning Premium Ice Melter®, operators have reduced their application rates 30% - 50%  due to its optimal pre-treatment and great residual aspect. Lightning is superior in regards to reducing corrosion rates, working to colder temperatures, preventing refreezing and quick burn capability.

  • Extremem Melting Power -20 Degrees Fahrenheit!!!
  • Quick burn and long lasting performance.
  • Reduces application rates up to 50%!
  • Aqua colored blend for improved visual spreading.
  • Premium sized sidewalk salt crystals treated with Magnesium Chloride, Organic Carbohydrate and a Corrosion Inhibitor coating.
  • Safer for pets, sidewalks, plant and equipment!

Lightning Premium Salt PDS Sheet

Available Deicing Liquids

Cal Plus

If you’re looking for a great alternative product with similar results to liquid calcium, Cal Plus is it. Cal Plus has a working temp of -20 degrees Fahrenheit and achieves that with a blend of chlorides. Cal Plus Works great for pretreating at the spinner, anti-icing, and deicing application. Cal Plus can be purchased in semi loads or 250-gallon totes.

Cal Plus PDS Sheet

Salt Brine (23.3% Sodium)

Salt brine is the most common economical deicer in use, and SFG’s salt brine is mixed on site and readily available at a moment’s notice. Salt brine is a cost-effective deicing liquid that can be blended with our BEET 55™ and BEET 55™ E to create custom blends that meet your deicing needs.