Drive on any roadway in the United States during the winter months and you will see deicing brines being applied. What is not seen is that the chemical nature of nearly all anti/deicing products will accelerate metal corrosion on bridges, damage vegetation and become less effective once the temperature decreases and dilution of the brine occurs. Many state DOTs, municipalities and private contractors in the regions that receive high snowfall in the U.S. have turned to renewable sources for new and innovative products that are all organic. BEET 55™and BEET 55™ Plus are renewable, anti/deicing products that are tailored to enhance your deicing materials.

Few products on the market today compare to SFG products in aiding customers in the fight against snow and ice on our transportation infrastructure. With the growing concern of chemicals and chlorides being introduced into our ecosystems at an alarming rate, transportation departments at all levels need to be on the forefront of solving this issue to leave generations to come a better living environment. Because of this, today’s ice solutions require a more environmentally friendly approach. BEET 55™ and BEET 55™ Plus work during cold temperatures and slow dilution of brines while reducing the chloride load that is introduced into our ecosystems.

If you are ready to become a leader in snow and ice control while making a difference in protecting our environment, SFG now offers on-site training classes to be conducted at your location for your convenience to you and your staff. Please call our staff with questions or to schedule an appointment date and time.

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