Max Smith, President

Our family business started in the late 1960s with a strong need to provide more local customer service than what our trade area received. That has been our foundation through the years and has continued to be our main theme. My father always told us to find a niche and expand upon it to be the best we can make it!

In 2000, we were invited to attend a deicing conference and were offered a license to provide services in the Iowa trade area. The deicing business has fit our business model throughout the years as we had several trucks that needed better customer service than they had been receiving. BEET 55™ has been our flagship product and instrumental in changing the way DOTs, cites and counties have geared their deicing programs to shape the communities we service. Our roads are much safer with BEET 55™ blends, and many lives have been saved because of how our products improve public safety.

Today we have an infrastructure that has grown across several states and Canada. With our distribution centers strategically located, we are able to supply our clients with unprecedented service and economically priced product. This gives SFG the capability to ship product on time. Our products lists have expanded to make some of the best blends on the market today. We have products that are approved by the Clear Roads program and that meet today’s high standards.

We welcome all opportunities to sit down with you and provide training to minimize your costs while maximizing your service to all the roads in your state.