The Right Tool Will

Stephen Leeds

Posted by Stephen Leeds

Carrying multiple products to handle different weather conditions is a common thing to do. Doing so provides the flexibility to create a mixture that pinpoints the needs to handle a weather event efficiently, effectively, and economically smart. If you do not have the capability to handle multiple products, SFG offers Beet 55 Plus to help.

Beet 55 Plus has been formulated to be used as a stand-alone product, which provides the low freeze point and little corrosion. However, it can also be mixed with other chlorides such as salt brine, which gives our customers the flexibility to tailor their applied product for any winter condition. This helps keep applied gallon costs down while providing the perfect product for the situation.

Beet 55 Plus is one of the best all-around organic deicing products on the market - a hard-hitting, fast-acting blend. Once the blend hits the road it has an immediate reaction to the ice and snow while keeping corrosion levels down. Beet 55 Plus has a corrosion score effectiveness of 13% that gives you confidence of a safe product on your concrete.  With added organic elements, Beet 55 Plus will give you a residual effect on the roads for a longer ice-fighting effort. With other deicers, ponding can occur due to the melted snow and ice which can then cause major refreeze. This will require more gallons and time to be applied to take care of ice that was created by the product itself. Because of the added organic elements, Beet 55 Plus slows the saturation process down, providing more time and less passes to clear roadways. This helps save money by lowering the amount of product needed and reduces the amount of labor required to maintain. With a minimum temperature of –12F, Beet 55 Plus provides a freeze point which allows for the use in extreme conditions. Beet 55 Plus can be used as a prewet at the spinner and for stockpile treatment.

Having a bunch of different tools in your toolbox will not always fix the problem. Having the right tool will. Make sure you are maximizing your storage with the right winter “tool”. Check out Beet 55 Plus.