Husker Plus™

Husker Plus™ is the next generation of winter maintenance liquids for municipalities, state DOTs, and counties to apply to snow and ice-covered roads. The main ingredients come from an agricultural based renewable source that provides the 54 percent active organic ingredients, the most in any stand-alone product on the market today.

Husker Plus™ is a multi-purpose product that can be used as a stand-alone product or as an additive to salt brine. Husker Plus™ is Clear Roads approved as the only stand-alone organic on the market today. With a minimum freeze point of -21° Fahrenheit and a 90 percent corrosion free score, Husker Plus™ is the high-performance product you need in your deicing toolbox. When blended with salt brine, Husker Plus™ becomes an economical product that reduces corrosion levels while achieving minimum freeze points of -10° Fahrenheit. Husker Plus™ is a do-it-all product that can be applied directly to pavement, used as a pre-wet for salt in your shed or as a pre-wet for salt at the spinner.

  • HUSKER PLUS™ can be blended with all chlorides
  • HUSKER PLUS™ inclusion rate of 10-25 percent is
    recommended for optimum performance
  • 20 to 80 gallons per lane mile are recommended,
    but rates will vary with eniromental conditions